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Power Zone / Workplace Athlete®

The core of our training is based on practical application of ergonomics principles. The Back School’s Power Zone & Workplace Athlete® program (PZWA) focuses on employee participation and responsibility. This proprietary program utilizes the best principles of athletics and sports blended with sound body mechanics.

The PZWA on-site program is tailored to your organization’s specific needs. It incorporates classroom presentation coupled with hands-on practice in the employee’s workplace. Sessions are customized for groups ranging from senior management; to health and safety professionals; to employee committees and teams.


PURPOSE:  Development and implementation of programs to assist in enhancing the corporate culture of safety, and reducing the incidence and expense of work-related injuries while enhancing personal safety, productivity and employee job satisfaction.

The overall objective is to provide an easy process to administer solutions to decrease injury rates in the short term, while maintaining those lowered rates for the long term.

PROCESS:  Power Zone employee training emphasizes ergonomics principles and best practices for body mechanics issues with lift, push/pull and carry activities. The goal is to develop increased awareness and skills for employees in these areas.

In addition, by instructing front line supervisors on ergonomics Power Zone principles and behavioral intervention techniques, they are prepared to coach employees, producing ongoing improved performance over time.

The Back School is widely recognized for energetic and empowering onsite training programs. The PZWA program, personalized for each organization's workplace, incorporates innovation and creativity while focusing on the technical issues of ergonomics, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

This program is available and adaptable for as many or as few employees as needed.

Workplace Athlete®: Work-N-Stretch Training

GOAL:  Workplace Athlete®: Work-N-Stretch Training program is an opportunity to increase employee fitness to meet the challenges of their workplace tasks. This program also greatly enhances the success of Power Zone training.​​​​​​​

PROCESS:  We review employee work tasks, injuries that have occurred, and areas of the body in which employees report fatigue and discomfort. From this information, we design a specific Work-N-Stretch protocol for employees.

We conduct a Work-N-Stretch session in the workplace environment, performed in group format at the beginning of the shift and again after the last break of the shift, when fatigue is a huge factor. As an enhancement to the program, we may also develop video instruction and reminder cards which can be placed in the work environment as an ongoing reference.

Please contact us to discuss your organization's specific needs.

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