Onsite Consulting

Customized Training

The Back School's proprietary workshops (Live Workshops) can be customized to meet your organization's specific needs and may be held onsite at your location or a location of your choosing.

We offer a variety of programs, including but not limited to:

  • Ergonomics Assessment and Solutions Certification Workshops
  • Employment Testing and Job Site Analysis Certification Workshops
  • Customized training available in Ergonomics and Industrial Rehabilitation
  • Lunch and Learn - Ergonomics Overview
  • Onsite industrial consultation covering a variety of topics

Popular topics include but are not limited to: Physical Demands Analysis, Office Ergonomics, Industrial Ergonomics and Work & Stretch Development and Implementation.  

Ergonomics Certification Workshops

The Back School’s Ergonomics Certification Workshops are 2 days in length. The nationally-recognized Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist™ (CEAS™) designation was created by The Back School in 2000, as validation that an individual has mastered a level of competency in the field of ergonomics assessment services.

Using best practices, our methods and protocols guide attendees through the process of implementing cost-effective, high-impact solutions for the prevention of workplace injury and practical solutions for risk reduction. The result is increased worker satisfaction, improved productivity and in many cases, reduced workers' compensation costs.

When presented in a customized format, our workshops can be tailored to focus on a specific problem area of your organization or in your facility. We will ensure that we have addressed your specific training needs in addition to providing a broad-based, valuable educational experience that will pay dividends over time.

Industrial Rehabilitation Training

Our Employment Testing and Job Site Analysis seminar is an effective and necessary part of a comprehensive disability prevention and disability management program, in addition to being an essential part of an employer’s workplace safety program.

This 1-day workshop instructs participants on how to identify a job’s essential functions, as well as techniques for evaluating and documenting a new hire’s performance in those functions. Our process is based on objective scientific research and conforms fully to EEOC Guidelines for application of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its amendments.

If the goal is to begin performing testing as a new program or to improve a protocol already in place, by offering this workshop, the organization is able to provide the same customized training to all employees in an inclusive setting.

Whether you are an Employer, Healthcare, Safety, Insurance, Risk Management, Human Resources or Wellness Professional, we can help you and your staff grow and develop professionally in the fields of Ergonomics and Industrial Rehabilitation.

Please contact us for more information or to schedule a customized training.