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CEAS® II: Expanded Ergonomics Assessment Skills Certification Workshop

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AUG 15-16, 2019 Denver, CO Register
NOV 14-15, 2019 New York, NY Register

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Co-sponsor one of our nationally recognized and internationally acclaimed workshops in exchange for the ability to send several of your employees to the workshop for FREE! Have world-class training delivered to your doorstep, keep your staff at the forefront of professional development and on the leading edge of workplace injury prevention and wellness. The Back School is currently seeking co-sponsors in the following locations for 2019: Northern California, Southern California, Seattle, Portland, St. Louis, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Orlando, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Louisville

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Billing Rates For Ergonomics Assessments

<p>There are a multiple ways to calculate billing rates for Ergonomics Assessments. Always be CONSISTENT in the way you price services for clients. If you charge different prices for similar services, the client may recognize the discrepancy and it can cost you business.</p>

Revised CEAS I: Ergonomics Assessment Specialist Certification Online

<p>Revised CEAS I online with updated information and nearly 2 hours of video from our live certification is available now! We&#8217;re thrilled to be celebrating our 40th year in 2019. We made it our mission to constantly improve ourselves and our offerings back in 1979, a mission we still stand by today, which is why<a class="more-link" href="https://blog.thebackschool.net/ergonomics/revised-ceas/">Continue reading</a></p>

Play Every Angle &#8211; with Matt Jeffs, DPT, PSM, CEAS

<p>We’re All In This Together One of the benefits we enjoy as faculty at The Back School is helping our CEAS graduates broaden their horizons. We’re often called on to help our growing family ‘learn the ropes’. As they begin their careers changing the work, the workforce and the workplace – for the betterment of<a class="more-link" href="https://blog.thebackschool.net/ergonomics/play-every-angle/">Continue reading</a></p>