Now you can quickly alternate between sitting and standing with ease. Foot activated touch-point makes moving the mat easy, like "magic." Multiplies the value of your sit & stand desk by significantly increasing your standing times. 


Soft Mats Are Essential For Stand-Working But:

While anti-fatigue mats are great for standing, they get in the way for sitting. Chairs must either be rolled on top of hard mats where they don't fit and locked into position - OR - Users must bend down to move the mat.


The patent pending Sit-Stand SmartMat:

Light foot pressure on a very small touch-point moves the mat like "magic". However, more weight on the touch-point stops the movement. Easy to move back and forth under the desk without bending or lifting. The mat becomes a foot rest when sitting Plus, for those who like to occasionally stand in the ultimate comfort of sock, stocking or bare feet, the top is breathable so your feet never get hot or sticky.