The Back School is pleased to introduce the Plus Size ergonomic chair for taller and larger workers. With a full function control, seat slider option and 2 seat sizes and 2 back sizes, rated at up to 500 lbs., this is the perfect offering for those individuals who need a larger chair. The special heavy duty control, High Lift Cylinder, Aluminum base and 70 mm casters along with the steel frame makes this a perfect ergonomic chair to offer strength, reliability and extra space.

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***Chairs are manufactured and shipped from Quebec. Current production lead time is 10-12 weeks.***

  • The seat and back are made of 5/8" diameter 14-gauge bent steel tubes.

  • The seat frame includes two 3/16" thick steel plates welded to the tubes to which are fastened the armrests and the sleigh base. A heavy-duty 3/16" thick steel bridge is welded to the seat frame, to which is bolted the mechanism attached to the cylinder and aluminum base.

  • The back frame includes widthwise a 1/4" thick x 2" flat steel plate welded to the tubes to which a 3/16" welded steel bridge holding the ratchet device is fastened to provide the height adjustability.

  • The fixed backrest support consists of a 5/16" x 3" high strength steel (50W) blade. It is screwed to the backrest and under the seat.

  • Theadjustable backrest support is made of 1/4" x 3" high strength low alloy steel (HSLA) attached to the ratchet device on the back and to the mechanism under the seat.

  • The whole unit is fastened to the flat steel plate welded to the tube on the back frame. Thread cutting screws are used.

  • Four (4) plies of flexible woven plastic belts are slipped onto the frames over a canvas support and pulled taut.

  • The backrest, with foam comfort strips at the lumbar level, is covered with fire retardant 11 /2î thick (38mm) mediumdensity polyurethane foam.

  • The seat surface consists of a moulded cushion 2" (50mm) of fire retardant urethane foam, covered with an 1" (25mm) thick overlapping cut foam sheet. 

  • All welds are the G.M.A.W type.