The weight sled is designed to simulate everyday work motions. With the gradual addition of weights you can control the resistance and the strengthening treatment for shoulders, backs, hips, thighs and calves.

The design of the anti-friction runners allow this unit to be used on a variety of surfaces. An invaluable aid for testing, evaluating and conditioning individuals in your work hardening and industrial rehab programs.

18" wide x 36" long. Handle adjusts from 32" to 44" high. Foam covered grips. 4 removable weight holders. Weight capacity 250 lbs. Chrome plated. Natural finish.

To use the accessory box with weight sled, simply remove the weight holders and insert the accessory box. Accessory Box measures 15" wide x 30" long x 6" high. Inside dimensions 14" x 22 1/2 long. Removable rubber mat. Natural finish.