mStand360 Laptop Stand with 360° Swivel Base is designed for businesses and professionals who require an elegant way to share the screen while still enjoying stability.

The mStand360's body is a single solid piece of aluminum with a silver anodized finish. The mStand360 has a aluminum rotating base that has a slim profile of only 0.1" inch (0.2mm) to maintain the same sleek lines as the original mStand.

The mStand360 raises the screen to meet eye level for better posture and view. It also raises the screen to the same height as external displays, such as the Apple Cinema Display. The tilt design brings the screen closer and improves airflow around the laptop. The single-piece aluminum design provides solid stability, and the aluminum panel cools your laptop by serving as a heat sink. With an external keyboard and mouse, the mStand360 transforms your laptop into a stable and stylish workstation.


  • Compatible with Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, and Powerbook (all sizes)
  • A slim 360° rotating base
  • Improved ergonomics with the 6" increased screen height
  • Tilt design brings the screen closer and improves airflow through the MacBook
  • Single-piece aluminum design provides stability
  • Keyboard stash clears up desk area when not in use
  • Cable organizer behind the stand
  • Available in three stylish colors

How stable is the mStand?

The mStand is extremely stable because it has a large base support of 7.5 inches x 10 inches. (190mm x 253 mm).

Does it feel flimsy and does it bounce when typing on it?

mStand360 is sturdy and has least movement when typing compared to other similar products. This is because it is made of a single solid aluminum plate (not strip) that is forged (not casted) at the edges to give extra strength. The mStand thickness of 1/10 inch (2.5mm) is similiar to the thickness of a dinner plate, but only much harder as it is made of metal.

Will a 17" MacBook Pro sit securely on the mStand/mStand360?

Yes, the mStand is big enough for the 17" MacBook Pro to sit securely on it.

Will the aluminum surface scratch my notebook?

No, it won't. This is because the mStand/mStand360 is fully padded with thick rubber feet so that no part of the notebook actually touches the aluminum surface.

What is the size of the back cable management hole?

The back cable management hole is 2" diameter.