What Is Voom?

Voom is a cost-effective and engaging, wellness program that prevents the many risks associated with prolonged sitting. To have a beneficial, hourly stretch breaks delivered to you right where you work, simply download onto your PC, Android, or iOS device, or, simply launch Voom in your web browser of choice.  This interactive program creates a healthier and more active lifestyle for employees by rewarding them for completing invigorating, physician-designed stretch and strengthening video micro-breaks. Voom reaches users right at their desks, making health both attainable and fun. View a sample Voom break below:

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Voom is a wellness program designed by two renowned third generation chiropractors, and the only stretch and strengthening micro-break program to focus on both chronic disease AND workplace injuries.


Voom can either be downloaded directly to your network, or streamed from our online web player, reaching employees where they spend most of their time—their desks.


Our price point can’t be beat. ROI is off the charts when engaged employees are sitting less and moving more. Voom can be purchased for less than $2 per employee per month, keeping your costs low and results high.

What can Voom do for your business?

Reduce Workers’ Compensation and Disability Claims

Repetitive strain and motion injuries account for 62% of all claims and result in $15-20 billion in lost work time and medical claims. Our stretches prevent and rehabilitate by directly targeting the most common repetitive strain/motion injuries.

Decrease Health Care Costs

Health care costs have risen over 80% in the last decade and chronic disease accounts for 75% of those costs. Researchers are seeing a direct link between the amount of time we spend inactive at our desks and the amount employers pay in employee benefits for chronic disease. Taking a two minute break every hour has been proven to do more to reduce chronic disease than getting a vigorous workout three to five times a week.

Increase Productivity

Voom helps employers reduce absenteeism and presenteeism. Lost productivity from sitting related injuries and illnesses costs employers $3,012 per employee every year. Voom not only reduces illness and injury, but prevents the chronic fatigue so many office workers face.
After just one day, employees who take microbreaks are 59% more accurate!

Check out these informational documents to learn more:

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