Save $70 on AOEAS: Advanced Office Ergonomics Assessment Specialist

For a Limited Time Save $70 on AOEAS: Advanced Office Ergonomics Assessment Specialist

This is our deepest discount ever on AOEAS to date and you’ll save more than 20% by simply using promo code AOSEP16 at checkout. Offer expires September 30th.

Advanced Officer Ergonomics Assessment Specialist CertificationAOEAS is an advanced ergonomics certification developed by Board Certified Professional Ergonomist, Danielle Barzoloski, MPT, CPE. As our newest certification course, AOEAS will aid learners identifying and resolving the common risk factors in all manner of office environments.

You’ll view a variety of case studies, from standard offices and cubicles, to non-standard environments like the automobile or hotel room, resolving the ergonomics risks. Application of these principles contributes to the reduction of ergonomics injuries, and to increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

You’ll examine a wide range of ergonomics equipment useful in mitigating risk. You will also learn how to perform a detailed cost-benefit analysis, outlining the return on investment of effective ergonomics intervention.

There are no prerequisites for taking this course. However, this is not an entry level course and it is assumed that you have taken CEAS I™ or have equivalent level experience or training.

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New Study Finds Rising Reports of Musculoskeletal Disorders among Office Workers

A recent study by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries has found a significant increase in the reports of MSDs among workers over a similar study conducted in 2009. An article by Safety and Health Magazine found noted some surprising statistics from the study…

  • “53% of workers reported hand/wrist pain, up from 11% in 2009 – an increase of nearly 382 percent.
  • 79% reported shoulder pain, up from 37$ in 2009.
  • 32% reported elbow/forearm pain, up from 16% in 2009.
  • 29% reported missing work due to lower back issues.
  • 25% missed work due to shoulder issues.”

As technology integrates more and more with our everyday lives, office activities now follow us everywhere we go. The need for more and better ergonomics awareness increases alongside these new technologies. Our AOEAS Certification can help train your “ergonomics eyes” allowing you to quickly identify and resolve environmental risks as well as behaviors that frequently lead to musculoskeletal disorders in a variety of office environments.

You can read the full Safety and Health Magazine article HERE. You can view the study HERE. Learn more about AOEAS HERE and don’t forget to save $70 when you register with promo code AOSEP16.








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