Become a Certified Professional

Become a Certified Professional

Back School of Atlanta has been providing quality continuing education and professional development since 1979. Our nationally known instructors have developed and provided valid, reliable and objective protocols based on peer-reviewed and published clinical research for ergonomics assessments and industrial rehab evaluation certification courses that keep professionals informed of the latest skills and information.

If you have not been certified by the Back School of Atlanta, use one of our navigation links above to sign up now for a live, online, or home study course. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive continuing education credits and one of the certifications listed below, and you will be eligible for a listing in the Certified Professionals Directory on our site.

If you have previously taken a Back School of Atlanta course or workshop, click here to request your own listing on our website.

Our courses provide the following certifications:

    • CEAS ITM – Our Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist I certification provides basic skills for performing office, healthcare and industrial ergonomics analysis using OSHA ergonomics assessment tools.


    • CEAS IITM – Our Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist II certification provides enhanced skills for ergonomics job analysis using more quantifiable assessment tools while also addressing the impact of the aging workforce on the workplace.


    • CEAS IIITM – Our Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist III certification provides advanced skills for ergonomics job analysis using specific CPE-designed engineering based assessment tools.


    • CFCETM – Our Certified Functional Capacity Evaluation certification provides skills to develop and perform a basic functional capacity evaluation using the most current techniques and protocols.


  • CEFETM – Our Certified Essential Functions Evaluator certification provided the knowledge and ability to identify a job’s essential functions and then evaluate and document the performance of a new-hire candidate’s ability to meet those functions.

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