Gregory M. Weiland, PT, MBA, CIR, CEAS II

gregweilandMr. Weiland has 33 years experience as a licensed physical therapist, working exclusively in workers’ compensation environments for the last 13 years. He obtained certification as an impairment rater from Brigham & Associates in 2007, and founded Impairment Rating Services of Alabama, LLC, in 2008. Impairment Rating Service’s purpose is to review, teach, and perform musculoskeletal impairment ratings. The firm’s clients include companies, case nurses, adjusters, and attorneys. The firm’s continuing education offerings include musculoskeletal impairment rating using multiple editions of American Medical Association’s Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment. Greg performs impairment ratings under Alabama Workers’ Compensation and Federal compensation systems in the Birmingham, Alabama, area. He has presented at the Alabama Workers’ Comp Organization and Alabama Self Insured Association’s conferences.

Mr. Weiland has been the Director – Rehabilitation Services at Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, LLC, since 2004. His formal education includes Master of Business Administration, Grand Valley State University (1994); Certificate in Physical Therapy, Mayo School of Health-Related Sciences (1982); and Bachelor of Science – College of Liberal Arts, University of Iowa (1981).