About The Back School

About Us

What is The Back School?
A private organization dedicated to the importance of applying ergonomics principles and total wellness as a means to good health, injury prevention and increased productivity on the job and at home. Since 1979, we have provided the best in scientifically based and application oriented ergonomics services and products.

How did The Back School begin?
Because of the alarming number of patients that were treated for musculoskeletal disorders, the Back School of Atlanta began in 1979 as an outreach of the Atlanta Back Clinic. Owned and operated by health and safety professionals, we have provided training and certifications to over 40,000 occupational health and safety professionals and hundreds of thousands of employees from large and small facilities worldwide, on the importance of total wellness as a means to good health and injury prevention.

What will I learn from The Back School?
How to effectively and efficiently recognize the need for ergonomics awareness and individual responsibility in providing results-oriented, bottom-line approaches that consider health & safety perspectives, productivity, and quality of work.

By emphasizing personal responsibility for one’s own well-being, making appropriate ergonomic adjustments, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle at work and home, the incidence and costs associated with musculoskeletal disorders can be dramatically reduced.

Who are the members of The Back School ergonomics team?
Instructors & Consultants
Advisory Board

What services and products does The Back School provide?
Live Training Courses and Workshops
The Back School of Atlanta has been offering the best in continuing education and professional development training course for over 25 years in the United States, Canada and Australia. The courses are approved by the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), The Board of Certification for Athletic Trainers (BOC), all state Physical Therapy Associations that require CEU approval and many other occupational health and safety professional associations. If needed, we can assist you in CEU approval for your professional organization.

Computer-based Ergonomics Training Courses
The Back School of Atlanta’s on-line training courses are an easy and low cost way to take care of your ergonomics training needs. These courses are designed for Health Care / Safety Professionals and Injury Prevention Specialists (PT, PTA, OT, OTA, ATC, RN, MD, DC, CRM, IH, CSP), Ergonomics Teams Members, Engineers and anyone interested in developing ergonomics evaluation skills.

Home Study Training
Similar to the online courses, this format provides you with a hard copy of materials that will assist you as you learn skills on how to identify ergonomics concerns, control or prevent risk situations, improve performance and develop effective OSHA compliant ergonomics programs.

Corporate On-site Training
The Back School’s experienced and certified ergonomists provide customized, easy to understand, cost effective training and consultation. We have assisted hundreds of healthcare facilities, industries and government facilities to increase productivity and quality of work, decrease fatigue, injury, medical/benefits expenses, absenteeism, turnover and production waste.

To begin immediately to implement state of the art ergonomics programs for you and your facility please contact us.