The Advantage

The Advantage

We know that many of you have heard about us over the years yet still don’t know a lot about us. We have been training, lecturing, consulting and advocating for the significance of Ergonomics for over 35 years. The Back School offers certification training in Ergonomics and in Industrial Rehab. The Advantage is that we stand behind the training we do, certifying that you have mastered a certain level of proficiency with the material presented. We don’t certify that you attended; we certify that you learned.

As to what people say about our classes, you not only can read the testimonials we have posted on our site, you can contact one of the people listed in our Certified Professionals Directory and ask them. They will give you an honest unfiltered opinion. As example, Dan Bradley, Safety Office for the Red Cross in Tucson, AZ wrote in responding to an email he was sent from a complete stranger through the Certified Professionals Directory:

“I thought the training was terrific. These guys are experts in the field and have a genuine interest in making sure the students understand the material. They are willing to share proprietary material to assist students. You couldn’t ask for better ergonomic training.”

Beyond the fact that we have trained over to 25,000 people since 1979, there are some additional thing we thought you ought to know.

As to why our certifications are meaningful, all of our certifications require course work and on-going fieldwork. What that means is that in all three levels of our ergonomics training, you must pass an exam on the material presented and submit written ergonomics reports. We are certifying your ability to take our methodology and apply it. Your course work must demonstrate to us how you get to your conclusions in the reports that you write, so we evaluate your use of our entire ergonomics assessment process – your informational gathering; your use of the assessment tools; and then the compilation of your findings and recommendations in your reports that you would be submitting to patients or clients. If you are listed in the Certified Professionals Directory, you must annually submit proof of continuing study/work/competency in the field. The Practical Applications Workshop provides hands-on field-work experience during the workshop.

In each of our Industrial Rehab certification workshops, you must successfully pass a test and a practicum during the workshop and then submit report samples completed during your fieldwork in order to obtain your certification. If you are listed in the Certified Professionals Directory, you must annually submit proof of continuing study/work/competency in the field.

Our workshops are extensively researched, very content heavy, with lengthy bibliographies. We keep our courses reasonable in length so that the time away from the clinic or office is kept to a minimum. We are aware of your professional responsibilities and understand that in any given training, you need time and practice to absorb and become proficient with what you have learned. You won’t be any more effective because you spent four or five days in a classroom versus a two-day in which we give you all the training and resources you need. Quality of training is more important to us than quantity and most of our students tell us that they appreciate us giving them what they need to know without belaboring or dragging out the process. The Ergonomics training is specifically broken up into digestible chunks so that you can master one level before progressing to the next. We are also always available to you for follow-up questions, guidance and information. Our blog is another resource available to you, dealing with a wide range of frequently asked questions in both Ergonomics and Industrial Rehab. Further, because we realize that no one has unlimited financial resources, our workshops are kept affordable.

Our FCE protocol is based on peer-reviewed and published clinical research, our methodology has been proven time and again to be a reliable, valid, and objective tool for determining functional ability. In addition to staying up-to-date with the latest clinical research, we follow the only established guidelines that exist regarding FCE’s – those of the AOTA and the ATPA. Our Employment Testing protocol is based upon objective scientific research and conforms fully to EEOC Guidelines for application of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). There is no equipment required to be purchased in order to deliver the protocol you have been taught; no software to buy or update; no extra a la carte charges and no hidden costs or extras. We are interested in your learning not in having you go into debt to use our methodologies.

All of our instructors are clinicians who are currently actively working in their fields. They add teaching to the list of their professional accomplishments because their work is their passion and they want to pass on what they have learned in their years of clinical and professional experience. They are nationally recognized experts in their fields. Please be sure to look at their profiles and let us know if you have questions or would like a copy of their CV. They were behind many of the best practices that are now taken for granted as givens in their areas of expertise and they continue to write, consult and influence other movers and shakers in their respective fields.

No marketing hype, no scare tactics; only quality education that we want you to take out into the world and have positive impact with in making the world a healthier, safer place to work and thrive.

The Back School – Dedicated to the enhancement of human function in the workplace.