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Truck Ergonomics

Today we have another question from a former student of Ron’s, this time regarding Truck Ergonomics: “As a 2012 “grad” of your CEAS Course, I have been given the task of researching Truck Ergonomics for our company fleet department.  More specifically, the … Continue reading

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Solutions for an Itchy Trigger Finger

Here we have another ergonomics question coming from an occupational therapist working at a hospital in Indiana. “Recently, I was contacted by another department in the hospital regarding work related injuries. In Health Information Services there are 2 employees who are experiencing the same … Continue reading

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Tips for dealing with Aching Computer Pains

Do you suffer from neck pain and fatigue? Is your neck tired after periods of time spent at the computer? For people who spend a great deal of time using computers, neck pain is a common problem. Neck pain is … Continue reading

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