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Lighting Solutions for Eye Strain

Here is a question from a former student regarding ergonomics solutions for lighting: “In one of the sites I recently attended for a presentation on Ergonomics, they showed me the room for the 911 dispatcher calls.  Their complaints are related … Continue reading

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Could you stand to lose weight at work?

According to Mark E. Benden, PhD, CPE in his book “Could You Stand to Lose“, if you intermittently stand during the course of your normal workday routine for only two-and-a-half hours, you could burn an extra 350 calories per day. … Continue reading

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Coffee Shop Ergonomics

I love coffee. I started drinking it in high school on cold mornings after swim practice. I always drank it black because that’s how they made it. I still love coffee, stopping at a coffee shop almost every day. There … Continue reading

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