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Removing the Fear From Industrial Rehabilitation: Fact v. Fiction; Reality v. Myth

The therapist said, “I didn’t know there was so much legal stuff involved with Industrial Rehab.  I don’t think I want to do it….”  This was a statement made by a FCE course attendee in 2011.  While a seasoned Industrial … Continue reading

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How to approach an employer who you know needs an ergonomist

An Industrial Therapy Physical Therapist sent this question: “I have had a number of recent clients from a local electronics/medical facility. I am quite sure that the assembly line work environment is responsible for these patients, as they are coming under … Continue reading

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“Tingling” in the hands

I recently had someone send me the following question: “I sleep on my stomach, and most mornings I wake up with either my arm or hand or both numb from my weight being on it as I slept. Have you … Continue reading

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